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Successful projects will be announced in September.

The Hangout

To build and strengthen peoples connection to community by providing opportunities/pathways for social and cultural engagement across all demographics.

The Hangout

What’s this project about?

The Hangout will promote the community of Kiama by both encouraging and celebrating its place and people. Creating the opportunity for individuals and groups to connect with people in an open and welcoming environment, to close generational gaps, addressing social isolation and loneliness - within a shared space. Attendance is free; entertainment and activities as well as relaxation areas for both children, youth and adults are provided.

A fast paced life, technology and business have a tendency to disconnect us today, whereas this project seeks to connect us - by promoting cultural and social involvement in the Kiama community, whereby encouraging and enhancing community spirit. Through a shared love of food, coffee, music and entertainment, these regular events will act as a stable incubator for connections and relationships, to strengthen our communities and adding to our social capital.

This series of Hangout events will be held on the first Sunday afternoon of each month. The funding used to obtain a food truck and other necessary equipment will be purchased before the first event. The funds will enable us to provide the monthly events with free food and entertainment. Workshops, activities for children, local musicians and artists will be showcased adding to the family friendly atmosphere.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Many festivals and events are annual or seasonally based, ‘The Hangouts’ however, will be an ongoing and consistent event.
  • Many events attract single demography’s based on musical genres, sports and performance, ‘The Hangout’ will bridge this communal divide.
  • As the world grows smaller and cities larger, small towns need to nurture and maintain their culture and inherent identities.

All project information is provided by the applicant. The NSW Government is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.