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Successful projects will be announced in September.

All Inclusive - Coledale Football Club Revitalisation

Revitalise St James park to foster inclusion for women and girls and reduce injuries for all players.

All Inclusive - Coledale Football Club Revitalisation

What’s this project about?

Improving the playing surface will reduce injuries (1204 players each week and 31 major injuries) and encourage women to play in the senior ranks. We are known as the Pink Team, because our Club fundraises for Breast Cancer. We have fostered the inclusion of girls and women to play, but they are discouraged by the injury rate. Less water and better soils will improve the environment.

This tiny club has grown to over 500 members, now one of the largest junior clubs in the South Coast. The project will improve the playing surface and reduce the time members are volunteering to constantly repair the overused surface. The project will increase the playing area and improve the quality of the surface enabling teams to train on their home ground and encourage inclusion of women and girls.

The project will commence at the end of the season, September 2019 and finish April 2020. The work will be project managed by Lisa Miller at the club, who has experience with this type of project. We have prepared a Project Plan, Schedule of Works, Risk Management Plan and have support for Wollongong City Council, Football South Coast and Northern Illawarra Cricket Club. Tenders will be sought for qualified companies.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • We are the largest Club on the smallest and worst Oval. We will reduce injuries for all participants. Players benefit.
  • We want to grow our girls and women participation and the field condition is a significant barrier.
  • We are the Pinks - we fundraise for Breast Cancer Awareness. Our club is a vital part of broader community life.

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