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Ceramic Pottery Workshops - The Wonderful Medium of Clay

Pottery workshops for children to immerse themselves into creativity, express and execute their visions with the use of clay.

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Ceramic Pottery Workshops - The Wonderful Medium of Clay

What’s this project about?

Research supports the notions that creative art assists children develop across many domains: Physical, Social, Cognitive, Emotional and Resilient Development. Along with tuition, the inclusion of multicultural individuals, dressed in national costume as models, will allow children to express their own visions whilst using clay in a sculptural environment. These workshops will bring children together and help to develop our next generation.

Providing these workshops, will open new possibilities for extra curriculum activities for children which go beyond the walls of classroom teaching, proving they can do anything in their lives.

These pottery workshops will be held during each of the school holidays with professional tutors coming from The Ceramic Study Group in Sydney.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • To help children with self-expression, communication and boost self-confidence.
  • Increase children's awareness in multiculturalism.
  • Help to develop children's fine motor skills.

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