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Future proofing for speed Bumps

To have a program for young people to acknowledge a rite of passage and have whole community celebrate.

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Future proofing for speed  Bumps

What’s this project about?

This innovative project is based on a rite of passage. People throughout the world have heightened emotions during times of major life changes. These stressful changes may be physiological or social in nature. They are usually connected with personal transitions between important stages that occur during our lives. In our modern times we often leave young people to find their own transition periods which sometimes lead to bad decisions.

I believe that supporting young people to transition through to take more responsibility and see how they fit into their community and to celebrate this with community will help reduce some of the pressures in these modern times. It will also enable young people to better handle difficult moments and give them strategies to cope. This reduces the risk of poor choices and the impact these can have on all community.

I believe Centre For Hope will be best to lead this project with LYSN and the support of a local steering committee with Jodie Harrison, Local Government, school representatives and community representatives. ‍ The program will start in several of the local High Schools, including Hunter Sportsman high, Belmont High and over the next year at least 80 students go through an 8 week program. Then everyone celebrates with a concert.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Together we can raise the health and wellbeing of our youth. It takes a village to raise a child.
  • Let’s create a program that comes from Windale that changes the world and future proofs our young people.
  • We are a strong community. Let us pass on that to our young people for their future success.

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