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Tathra Sports Field Lighting

Provide Lighting at the community sports field so that the sports ground can be used at night.

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Tathra Sports Field Lighting

What’s this project about?

Tathra, the community ravaged by fire a year ago has a community owned sports ground that is used by multiple sporting clubs including Rugby League, Soccer, Rugby Union and others as well as the staging of community events, this has been a centre piece for the community recovery from the Tathra Bushfires, however the grounds have sub-standard lighting that makes training very difficult, especially during winter.

As we are still coming together as a community following the bushfire, sports and events have been assisting the community to both work together and identify mental health issues. There is possibly no greater cause for our community right now as it benefits the entire town and the community in Tathra and surrounding areas.

The Tathra RLFC has been the champion of this project and has acquired some suitable poles and already processed the Development Application with council. They need funding for the erection of the poles, purchase of lights and wires and installation.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Tathra was ravaged by fire one year ago and the community has used sport to come together again.
  • Tathra was known as a sporting community for years, our young people deserve the facilities to give it their best.
  • With lighting on our sports field it not only permits sports but community events, even concerts or shows.

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