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Triple Vision Festival: East Meets West on Aboriginal Land

A free and family-friendly public festival celebrating the culture, music, dance and cuisine of Indigenous Australian, Tibetan and Western Communities

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Triple Vision Festival: East Meets West on Aboriginal Land

What’s this project about?

The Eurobodalla Shire is home to diverse cultural communities. The goal of this event is to improve multicultural exchange by highlighting three of these communities: Aboriginal Yuin, Tibetan and Western European. The event will provide an opportunity to explore these vibrant cultures as they are expressed through music, dance, story-telling, art, artefacts and cuisine. Held in a family-friendly environment, there will be lots of activities for children and adults alike.

Our Festival will strengthen social cohesion within communities, along the NSW South Coast by building an enhanced appreciation of diversity and commonalities across three distinct cultures. Located at the base of Gulaga (or Mt Dromaderry), a key geographical landmark in the area that has great spiritual significance to the Yuin people, the Festival also aims to deepen community understanding of the significance of Gulaga to the local Indigenous community.

The Festival will be organised by Drogmi Buddhist Institute on their property in Tilba Tilba in late 2019. The property provides an appealing bushland setting at the foothills of Gulaga. The General Committee of Drogmi Buddhist Institute will be responsible for the planning, delivery and oversight of the project, but involving local Aboriginal, Western and Tibetan communities. The Institute has successfully organised large community events at this location previously.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • A unique opportunity to experience the cultural, musical and culinary delights of three distinct local cultures: Aboriginal, Tibetan & Western.
  • An opportunity to deepen community understanding of the spiritual significance of Gulaga (Mt Dromaderry) to the local Aboriginal people.
  • An opportunity to celebrate our common humanity in a magnificent, fun and family-friendly location.

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