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New rescue vessel for Marine Rescue Broken Bay

A new, world-class rescue boat to enable Marine Rescue Broken Bay to save lives on the water.

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New rescue vessel for Marine Rescue Broken Bay

What’s this project about?

A new purpose-built rescue vessel will boost the ability of Marine Rescue Broken Bay to respond rapidly to save the lives of boaters in peril on local waters. ‍ The powerful new vessel, fitted with the latest technology, will boost Marine Rescue Broken Bay’s operational capability and ensure, it is well equipped for its lifesaving operations on Broken Bay, Brisbane Water, the Hawkesbury River and offshore well into the future.

The Broken Bay area has the highest number of recreational boat registrations in NSW and a corresponding demand for rescue services. A new rescue vessel will improve the safety of this large community of local boaters and the thousands of visitors, who also enjoy our waterways. ‍ The boat will ensure Marine Rescue Broken Bay crews can respond rapidly and safely to emergencies so boaters in trouble receive help fast.

The boat will be delivered under the Marine Rescue NSW fleet modernisation program. ‍ It will be purpose-built for local operating conditions by an NSW boat builder in line with standard MRNSW operational, design, equipment and technology requirements. ‍ The boat’s construction will be supervised by the MRNSW Fleet Manager in conjunction with Marine Rescue Broken Bay.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • To improve the safety of local and visiting boaters by ensuring rescue crews can respond to emergencies without delay.
  • To replace a vital public safety asset and ensure the unit’s ability to continue saving lives on the water.
  • To enhance our local community’s coastal lifestyle and ensure the many tourists to the region safely enjoy visiting Broken Bay.

All project information is provided by the applicant. The NSW Government is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.