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Successful projects will be announced in September.

Community Comfort in Norwest – Urban Learning Trail

Design and implementation of an IOT Platform in Norwest to enable people to provide feedback on their built environment.

Community Comfort in Norwest – Urban Learning Trail

What’s this project about?

It will provide free access to an IOT platform enabling interaction between people and their environment. People’s responses to Environmental data (air quality, noise, temperature, humidity) will be collected providing immediate feedback and thus help designers to improve the environment. The users will learn, interact, engage with and report on their perception of the environment assisting Council, Norwest Association and Developers make better about parks, public space and buildings.

The web-based app allows the community to drive change in their local community by being proactive and engaging with their environment. The community will benefit in two ways: ‍ • This project will be a mental stimulant and tool that brings the possibilities of the “Digital Age” to the everyday community, allowing them to practically engage with the digital age. ‍ • The public will benefit by better designed parks, public space, buildings.

The funds will be used to purchase and install sensors, development of web application, information plinths, marketing, data assessment and reporting. Once installed this Trail will be active for you, the community, to interact and engage in positive change in your own backyard. The University of New South Wales will be providing a dedicated data scientist to the Trail to assess the data and report accordingly on the results.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Become aware of how the Digital Age can be a practical tool in driving impact and positive change locally.
  • Interacting with the Trial, you can directly contribute to a thriving, liveable and sustainable place to be.
  • This will connect people in a city to each other and services in ways that add value to their lives.

All project information is provided by the applicant. The NSW Government is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.