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Clubhouse upgrade to improve accessibility and facilities

An extension of the clubhouse to provide accessibility for all community members and changing facilities for all players and officials.

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Clubhouse upgrade to improve accessibility and facilities

What’s this project about?

The clubhouse is, currently, inaccessible to some members of the community due to its location on a mound on the playing fields. Current facilities include one small changing room, which is also used for storage. ‍ An upgrade of the clubhouse would include an accessible car park, entry ramp, toilets, changing rooms and showers for both teams, a changing area for female players, storage and a changing area for match officials.

Benefits: ‍ - Accessible events for all abilities due to the new parking area. ‍ - Safer access to clubhouse facilities for all abilities. ‍ - Family-friendly access increases social engagement. ‍ - Increased usage by other clubs due to improved changing facilities for both teams. ‍ - Encouraging the participation of female players with separate changing areas. ‍ - Changing area providing privacy for match officials. ‍ - Improved facilities for junior players, increasing satisfaction and commitment from players and their families.

Gunnedah & District Soccer Inc. will be the project sponsor and assist in the delivery of this project. They own the land where the clubhouse is situated and have a dedicated and skilled committee, who will be able to manage a project of this scale. The soccer season ends in September, so all applications and planning would be done immediately, so that building works could commence in early October.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • The clubhouse and its facilities will be accessible to community members of all abilities and parents with prams.
  • Players and officials will have somewhere to change and shower, including female players who currently have nowhere to get changed.
  • Accessible parking at the clubhouse will enable all community members to be involved in events held at the playing fields.

All project information is provided by the applicant. The NSW Government is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.