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Seniors and Juniors walks around Biodiverse Landcare sites

Project will upgrade 10 restored sites to allow walking by groups to experience biodiverse sites restored by Landcare and Bushcare.

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Seniors and Juniors walks around Biodiverse Landcare sites

What’s this project about?

Benefits arise from increased outdoor activities, environmental education and support for local land care and bush care groups. Guided walks will be held during Seniors Week (February), Landcare Week (September). Special interest groups would be offered tours Youth groups (mostly Schools and Scouts) would be able to organise tours which would complement their learning activities.

Community benefits arise as: ‍ • Health benefits from encouraging outdoor activities suitable to the users. ‍ • Environmental benefits from the greater understanding of local environments and native species, and the threats they face. ‍ • Revitalise benefits from greater recognition of the work of care groups, stronger and better trained care groups and probably increased membership. We expect that Scouts groups will be involved in the planning and implementation at some project sites.

There are various obstacles existing at the different sites. Some require obstacle removal (such as trees obstructing tracks) which would be carried out by contractors and some require some ecological track signage. All 10 tracks will require track assessment and track rating according to Australian standards, track marking so that the route is unambiguous, interpretative brochures (online, via Q readers and printed) and training of volunteer walk leaders.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • There will be more suitable safe bushwalk tracks for seniors.
  • There will be greater opportunities for seniors and young people to experience and understand good bushland.
  • Landcare groups and volunteers will receive much needed recognition, and likely more volunteers with more energy.

All project information is provided by the applicant. The NSW Government is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.