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Successful projects will be announced in September.

Northbridge Boatshed

Refurbish & extend Northbridge Scouts Boatshed to increase youth & volunteer participation in aquatic activities, help build resilience & combat mental health challenges.

Northbridge Boatshed

What’s this project about?

1. Increased participation by youth & volunteers in aquatic activities - boating/sailing/water safety. ‍ 2. Improved understanding of current & future marine environment & appreciation of importance to ecology, tourism, food & Indigenous communities. ‍ 3. Combat youth depression, anxiety & mental illness by building improved health, confidence, self-esteem & well-being of youth. ‍ 4. Leadership development of youth through team problem solving sills & making good choices, by taking responsibility for their actions in a safe & challenging environment.

Scouting complements school & family offering participation in the development of society, learning to respect others, the integrity of the natural world & the marine environment. ‍ It provides young people the opportunity to discover their world, tapping into the skills of the community & become well-rounded people. This project will enable us to continue & expand the range of activities providing access to those on the wait-list that we aren't able to accommodate.

DA with detailed plans lodged with RMS & a qualified/experienced local builder has been engaged, who is ready to proceed now. Through sausage sizzles, Christmas tree sales & community donations, we have raised sufficient funds to complete phase 1 – (piers/deck). This submission is for phase 2 funding, which is the construction of the Boatshed on the new deck, providing a safe secure environment for youth to access their group based aquatic activities.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Involving young people in local community activities builds leaders of today and tomorrow e.g. our current Premier was a Northbridge Scout.
  • Complementing family & school life with youth based activities not found elsewhere & taking advantage of the unique offering of Northbridge environs.
  • Saving/expanding the ageing boatshed will expand youth engagement & respect for marine environment & contribute to the local community.

All project information is provided by the applicant. The NSW Government is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.