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Celebrating Sydney's Underwater Forests

Seaweeds are the underwater trees that support Sydney’s coastline. This art-meets-science festival celebrates the importance of these remarkable ecosystems.

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Celebrating Sydney's Underwater Forests

What’s this project about?

The marine environment is critical to the identity and wellbeing of coastal communities such as Manly. Yet, when Sydney siders think about the marine environment, they think about the Great Barrier Reef, ignoring the ecosystem – seaweed forests – that dominate their local coastline. This festival will engage the Manly community in a celebration of these mighty ecosystems, increasing stewardship and the potential for preservation of Sydney’s marine environments for generations to come.

• Free entry event that celebrates involvement with the local marine environment. ‍ • Enhances the cultural life of the community by innovative blending of art and science. ‍ • Active involvement in restoration of a critical marine habitat. ‍ • Improved local marine environment, which is intensively used by the community. ‍ • A better informed, and more engaged, local community. ‍ • Increased stewardship of our coasts. ‍ • Enhanced community wellbeing by reconnecting the community with their environment.

This project brings together marine scientists from the Sydney Institute of Marine Science, a leading Sydney public arts studio (Studio TCS), and the Manly community. The festival (on World Ocean’s Day 2020) will include restoration of underwater forests, a collaborative art installation highlighting the importance of these ecosystems, interactive educational and children’s activities, and participants from the diverse range of industries and community sectors that rely on these forests.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • This free-entry festival will enhance Manly's cultural life by blending art and science to celebrate Sydney's underwater forests.
  • This event will provide opportunities to participate hands-on in an underwater restoration project that is re-establishing long-lost seaweed forests.
  • This project will foster stronger relationships between Sydneysiders and their local marine environment, enhancing community wellbeing and increasing stewardship.

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