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Courtroom Slam

Courtroom Slam is an exploration by Bankstown-area youth of cultural perceptions surrounding crime & justice through slam poetry and multimedia art.

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Courtroom Slam

What’s this project about?

First and foremost, Courtroom Slam will connect young people of similar backgrounds who are experiencing disadvantage and social isolation. Participation will help them develop the kind of self-confidence where they aren’t afraid to raise their hand, to know that what they have to offer is worth sharing, and worth listening to - to empower them. They’ll improve literacy and communication skills through creative writing programs that improve educational outcomes.

Courtroom Slam is the result of concerns raised by young people in the Bankstown area that their needs & views go unheard. By empowering young people to creatively explore sensitive issues which impact their everyday lives, and giving them a platform of their own from which to speak, Bankstown leaders and community members will be to hear and understand the thoughts, feelings & fears of their children, delivered straight from the heart.

Courtroom Slam is a collaboration between Story Factory, Bankstown Youth Development Service and three high schools. Over 6 months, we’ll work with roughly 50 marginalised teenagers in the Bankstown area. They’ll write, rehearse, and deliver public performances of an original slam poetry script based on the true story of a local theft, exploring how the ensuing tension and conflict highlighted significant cultural differences and diverse beliefs surrounding justice and ownership.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Courtroom Slam gives Bankstown teenagers a uniquely creative opportunity to explore concepts of citizenship and justice within their multicultural community.
  • Teenagers will work together, building a creative platform to share their feelings & experiences of crime, safety & discrimination through slam poetry.
  • Through creative writing and performance, Bankstown youth will re-engage at school, developing skills & achieving educational outcomes to write positive futures.

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