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Women's Work - Financial Equity for Sydney Women

Women's Work will smash stereotypes, building digital connections to resources that facilitate the financial security and independence of Sydney women.

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Women's Work - Financial Equity for Sydney Women

What’s this project about?

Our city is in crisis. According to our research, half of Sydney women earn less than $34K per year. Underlying the struggle is inequity, with 40% of women becoming carers at the cost of work and security. By challenging perceptions of 'women's work', our goal is to build digital connections to financial education. We'll help Sydney women overcome economic vulnerability and dismantle gendered workplace discrimination.

In 2018, the Sydney Women's Fund Portrait III: Research Project took the pulse of Sydney Women. We uncovered an emerging crisis: women are financially insecure, experiencing discrimination and feeling powerless to influence the wellbeing of their communities. The Women’s Work initiative will provide access to financial education, independence and belonging so women can share equity in all Sydney offers.

In mid-2020, Sydney Community Foundation's #Women’sWork broadcast, print and digital advertising campaign will reshape local attitudes to gender equity. We’ll drive traffic to a microsite, where women can explore their financial futures via interactive videos and education modules. Our content will be distributed to community organisations assisting women at risk. This includes carers, domestic violence survivors, financially-disadvantaged women and/or those from Indigenous backgrounds. We're here for all women.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Help Sydney women overcome the crisis of gendered financial vulnerability.
  • Enable Sydney women to access education and employment pathways.
  • Raise awareness of gendered workplace discrimination.

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