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Soldiers Avenue of Honour Revitalisation Program

This project seeks to manufacture/ install 15 cast bronze plaques depicting the stories of local soldiers who served during WW1.

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Soldiers Avenue of Honour Revitalisation Program

What’s this project about?

The Soldiers Avenue of Honour Living Memorial with its heritage listed trees and plaques is an important part of Freshwater’s heritage. It is one of a diminishing number of Avenues of Honour. Each year, major events such as Armistice Day are held in the Freshwater Anzac Precinct comprising a war memorial in Jacka Park as well as the Avenue of Honour. A wide cross-section of the community attends these events.

The community will gain an important piece of footpath infrastructure which will improve street safety and access. It provides a prominent focus for community gatherings as a place for remembrance. ‍ Queensland brush box trees will be planted alongside the bronze plaques as part of the revitalisation of the living memorial. These will provide a significant heritage enhancement of the Avenue of Honour.

It is intended that the bronze plaques will be installed prior to 10 November 2019 in a heritage footpath to be completed by Northern Beaches Council in July 2019. The plaques will be manufactured by Cunneens Pty Ltd, in a style like plaques installed elsewhere in the Avenue. A major plaque for Freshwater Surf Club will be installed beside its heritage listed tree (planted in 1922).

Why should you vote for this project?

  • To return the Soldiers Avenue of Honour to its former grandeur as a Living Memorial.
  • To create a Precinct for the commemoration of an important era of Freshwater's history.
  • To provide a safe, thought provoking and educative thoroughfare for the benefit of the Freshwater community and more widely.

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