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Long overdue change-room upgrade - supporting our ladies!

The current facilities are dated from 1984 and not functioning. There are no separate change rooms for the women's team.

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Long overdue change-room upgrade - supporting our ladies!

What’s this project about?

Women's sport participation is growing in the Clarence and the football club has a strategic focus on developing the lady’s game. The current facilities are in original 1984 condition and do not provide privacy for our ladies and younger players. A remodelling to the current public toilets will provide the required privacy in a modernised setting.

Yamba Football Club has a broader focus than just the sport. A focus on support and developing pathways, has allowed the club to retain young players and link them with opportunities, otherwise limited in regional areas. The lack of facilities that provide privacy and a sanitary environment are now starting to hamper club development.

Yamba Football Club has a close relationship with the local Council, managers of the clubhouse facility. Several upgrades to other sporting facilities in the Clarence have been completed and the works at the sports complex are similar. The conversation has commenced.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • To support the development of women's sport in Yamba through provision of private dressing space.
  • Help local community groups to attract and retain members.
  • This upgrade will eliminate a stench that make the current public toilets unusable.

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