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Lisle Carr Oval Drainage

Adding drainage to Lisle Carr oval to make it more accessible year round, even during poor weather.

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Lisle Carr Oval Drainage

What’s this project about?

Currently, Lisle Carr oval does not handle weather events very well, due to a lack of drainage. ‍ This affects all of our teams, from our under 9's kids right up to our 1st grade team. ‍ In turn all of the families and friends who enjoy watching soccer cannot get their fix after rain, as the ground cannot be played on. ‍ Drainage will allow more access to this space.

Lisle Carr oval is a provisioned community space for the local community, a place to walk a dog, kick a ball or accommodate other outdoor activities. ‍ It is also home to local NPL Soccer team, Charlestown City Blues. It’s a team where people come from the Charlestown area and beyond to support, enjoying the world game of soccer in their backyard. ‍ This project will allow more games to be played.

Being mindful that the Soccer season runs from March to August, the project will be scheduled for October. This will allow time for the grass field to mend after construction has finished, ready for the 2020 season. ‍ Having several players who work for National construction companies and who have offered the Project management experience, teamed up with the Councils.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Lisle Carr is an open space for the local community, installing drainage will allow more availability for its use.
  • The world game of soccer promotes healthy lifestyles for kids, adding badly needed drainage will stop games being washed out.
  • The local community comes to support NPL team Charlestown City Blues, drainage will allow more games to be played.

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