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Together with Baby: Baby massage program

A baby massage program that uses nurturing touch to promote the emotional and psychological wellbeing of parents and their babies.

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Together with Baby: Baby massage program

What’s this project about?

This project is to establish a program for parents and their babies that incorporates the use of nurturing touch (massage), mindful awareness, and education about the ways in which babies use body language, sounds, and other signals to communicate their needs. Parents will be taught how to use touch, voice, and movement to communicate, and deepen their bond, with their baby. This will result in more sensitive and responsive caregiving.

The Together with Baby program will provide parents with a safe and nurturing space to get to know their baby and to gain confidence as a parent. The program will provide parents with ‘a modern-day parenting village’ and connection with other parents. This will encourage healthy relationships between babies and their parents, connected communities for parents and optimised psychological and emotional wellbeing for babies, parents, and the community.

The program will be offered as a single session workshop or a 3-week program to parents and babies (aged 0-12months). Psychologists with training in perinatal and infant mental health and baby massage will facilitate the program. Funding will be used to run the program free of charge and set up a website that will inform the community about infant communication, social and emotional development, caregiver-infant relationships, and parental mental wellbeing.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • This program will optimise the emotional and psychological wellbeing of parents and babies promoting healthy relationships between parents and babies.
  • This program will connect parents; providing a safe, nurturing, and supportive village. This in turn will support parental emotional wellbeing.
  • This program will increase parents confidence in understanding what their baby is communicating, improving caregiving skills to soothe their baby.

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