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KCs House

Kids and Carers (KCs) House will be a respite and support centre for local people with disability and their families.

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KCs House

What’s this project about?

KCs House will offer a safe and local space for people with disability in Kandos and the surrounding area. The house will be used for day and overnight respite, after school care and skills of daily living support for people with disability as well as providing a place for community, seniors and carer support meetings.

The nearest available supports for centre based respite and activities for people with disability is located in Mudgee, 1.5 hours from Kandos. KCs house would offer localised support to people with disability in the region around Kandos including after school care close to local schools. KCs house will encourage jobs in disability support in the area as well as supporting working parents with after school care in their local area.

KCs House has already been built with the support of the community and local council, and a service provider has been engaged to manage its ongoing operation. This project will undertake the work required to prepare the interior and garden, engaging tradespeople where required. Other items and equipment will be purchased by the applicant and with support from the Kids and Carers Support Group.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • To give children with disability a place in their local community where they can meet, play and learn new skills.
  • Provide parents and carers of people with disability an opportunity to take a break.
  • Boost local employment possibilities in the disability support sector.

All project information is provided by the applicant. The NSW Government is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.