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Expansion of Female Amenities

Construction of additional female toilets.

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Expansion of Female Amenities

What’s this project about?

Club membership has increased over the years with a high percentage of new members being young families with children. ‍ The Club is utilised by young families as it provides a safe, secure and enclosed environment. At present, the Club has two female toilets which are inadequate and do not meet the Building Code of Australia requirements. There will be a significant reduction in the existing queuing required for female toilets.

The Club is a family community Club used by the general community and by many associated sporting clubs within the Lane Cove area. ‍ The requested grant will bring the level of facilities at the Club to a minimum acceptable standard commensurate with community expectations. ‍ This will ensure community members will have a safe and comfortable experience when using the premises.

The project is expected to be completed before the beginning of Summer 2019. ‍ The Club will manage the upgrade works in conjunction with Council as the principal certifying authority undertaking the work already approved under a development approval. ‍ The Club has extensive experience in managing projects of this nature.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Female patrons will enjoy modern and comfortable standards and will experience less queuing to use the toilets.
  • The improved toilet facilities will be at a standard that meets the Building Code of Australia requirements.
  • New toilet facilities will improve patronage at the club and increase social interaction within the community.

All project information is provided by the applicant. The NSW Government is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.