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Light Up Alroy!

Turn night into day with four new lighting towers to illuminate all of Alroy Oval for Soccer and Athletics use.

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Light Up Alroy!

What’s this project about?

New lighting towers will provide an acceptable standard of lighting across the dark half of Alroy Oval, doubling night time training space. This allows infant and senior players to be segregated, keeping younger players safe from wayward soccer balls. ‍ The oval will be safer to use and will increase participation opportunities in soccer, athletics and other sports suited to Alroy facilities. It will also prevent over use of Field One.

As a multipurpose oval, Alroy receives more use than any other sporting facility in Singleton. More lighting towers will allow more people to use Alroy Oval. ‍ Summer use opportunities will increase, allowing people to exercise outside of peak heat periods. ‍ Increased lighting infrastructure may help sporting clubs attract more sporting events to Singleton, benefiting the local economy. ‍ It may increase participation in sporting activities and generate flow on health benefits.

Singleton Strikers Football Club will use local professional contractors to manage and undertake the works. Local suppliers will be used to procure and supply required goods and equipment. Work will commence as soon as practicable following grant allocation. General project steps are: ‍ 1. Geotechnical assessment ‍ 2. Installation of towers (including power supply) ‍ 3. Sports light aiming and commissioning

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Increases the overall quality and availability of Singleton's most used sporting ground/facility, improving Singleton community infrastructure and amenity.
  • Participation in soccer and athletics (track and field) in Singleton is steadily increasing, requiring more training space year round.
  • Provides more opportunities for physical activities in our local community to continue to support good health and wellbeing benefits.

All project information is provided by the applicant. The NSW Government is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.