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St Peters Community Wheelchair and Pram Access improvements

Install 2 ramps for access to Church, Neutral Bay Kindergarten and Lower Memorial Hall (where community groups meet).

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St Peters Community Wheelchair and Pram Access improvements

What’s this project about?

2 ramps will provide much improved access for infirm persons, wheelchair users and families with prams. Many in the community use the passageway between Church and Memorial Hall as a convenient thoroughfare, as well as for access to Church buildings. The new proposed ramps, in addition to the existing ramp (accessed on Waters Road), will result in wheelchair and pram users not having to negotiate any steps.

St Peters Church stands on a slope, therefore has quite a few steps at the main entrance to the Church and in the thoroughfare between Church and Kindergarten. The 2 ramps would provide much needed access improvements. The better access would make the Church and its buildings more usable for functions, concerts and as a community focal point. Redlands School use the buildings 3 days a week during term time.

The work would be carried out by specialist contractors and the work would be managed by St Peters Parish Council. The project would comply with OH&S requirements and be sympathetic in design to the existing buildings. If funds are available the 2 ramps will be installed within 12 months.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Voters, wheelchair and pram users will be able to negotiate the community thoroughfare from Waters Road to Kindergarten without steps.
  • Community Groups meet most days in the Lower Hall and Redlands School visit the Church 3 days a week.
  • Many parents, some with prams, drop children off daily on Waters Road and take them to the Neutral Bay Kindergarten.

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