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Ground Improvements for Community

Improve playing ground, go green with solar, upgrade club facilities for all the community and schools.

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Ground Improvements for Community

What’s this project about?

Attract more players at our club from other areas. A good quality ground for all the local schools and community to play on. Shelter from the rain on game days. Long term servings on electricity and more environmentally friendly for the community. Savings for the club with digital video scoreboard to advertise sponsors and events. Better playing equipment for the players and community. It's all about the players / community.

Our club hosts a lot of school games. We have an all age women's team who play for Cessnock. We have a fair bit of interest from out of area teams to arrange friendly matches if we had a good playing ground. All of those people have asked about accommodation and will benefit the local business and community.

Project will be managed by council and the hard-working volunteers at the club. We are looking to get the ground upgraded in October when we have a break from games. The scoreboard, press box, awning equipment we would be looking to have done as soon as possible. The club also has an agreement with 'Work for the Dole' which we can utilise to carry out this work also.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Small amount of funds requested to carry out multiple projects. Will provide a superior playing environment for the whole community.
  • Club will be able to host more events attracting people to our area benefiting local business.
  • These projects will benefit the club and community well after this current committee tenure. Club is community and player focused.

All project information is provided by the applicant. The NSW Government is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.