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Sydney Edible Garden Trail

The inaugural Sydney Edible Garden Trail is a ticketed two-day open garden weekend in Sydney, focused on edible gardens.

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Sydney Edible Garden Trail

What’s this project about?

The trail will promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by encouraging people to grow their own food. Gardeners will share their passion and knowledge, promoting and inspiring self reliance, with some gardens providing free events such as skill shares, garden talks and tours to the public. All profits from the event are directed back into the community via grants to local school and community edible gardens.

The open gardens will attract visitors to the area on the event days. It will generate a sense of community amongst the people opening their gardens on the day, the volunteers and visitors. It will also benefit the community by helping people to learn more about sustainable gardening practices, healthy living, the environmental and economic benefits of growing your own food. Sales of tickets via local shops, helps local businesses.

We have a team of 5 volunteers who are organising the event. Laurie Green, founder Crop Swap Australia, Bridget Kennedy, founding member Repair Care Sydney North and small business owner, Margaret Mossakowska, founder Moss house, Nita Lo and Janna Mizens Permaculture Sydney North members, Between the 5 of us, we have experience in either operating a business, coordinating large events/projects and/or working with community groups.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Sydney's first Edible Garden Trail will inspire people to grow their own food and start their own edible gardens.
  • We'll promote healthy living, self reliance, a sustainable lifestyle, share skills and passions for growing your own healthy food.
  • Support local community and school edible gardens by funnelling ALL profits back into grants that support projects in this area.

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