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Taldy Beach Reach Program

Taldy Beach Reach provides outreach support in the streets of the Northern Beaches to young people aged 12-18 in distress.

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Taldy Beach Reach Program

What’s this project about?

Taldumande staff will support local police, when requested, to attend to harm minimising situations in the local community. Our team is on-call to respond to harm-minimising situations, to support and remove youth from the associate risk, i.e. drugs and alcohol. This program will help at-risk youth be safe physically, mentally and emotionally. By helping these at-risk young people with their immediate need, we build trust and often a deeper engagement.

Taldy Beach Reach gives youth the opportunity to meet youth workers. It’s often the first step to accessing help. Taldumande can support youth in trouble and remove them from harmful situations. The young are often experiencing high-need issues, which derive from complex issues and are an extremely vulnerable group, who require specialised attention. This program will the reduce number of vulnerable and at-risk youth on the streets of Northern Beaches.

Taldy Beach Reach Program is delivered in partnership with Northern Beaches LAC Police to reduce the number of vulnerable and at-risk young people on the streets. Two staff members will support Police, every Saturday evening from 8pm-1am, with the intention to respond to harm, minimising situations, as directed by the Police. An example: Taldumande is requested to transport young people home or wait with them till a parent arrives.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Taldumande together will reduce the number of vulnerable and at-risk young people on the streets of the Northern Beaches.
  • Taldy Beach Reach is one of its kind for the Northern Beaches region.

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