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The Centre: Resurfacing of Courts

Upgrading the court surfaces to ensure a safe and fun experience, whilst offering an international standard facility for the community.

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The Centre: Resurfacing of Courts

What’s this project about?

The Centre has hosted years of daily Futsal and Netball grass-root competitions. ‍ From 6-year-old players learning new skills, through to dedicated adults; local school groups; and a range of other community groups, such as Hills Football and Hills Netball Academy, all use the court space on a weekly basis. This project will enable The Centre to expand to include basketball, whilst increasing the professionalism of the current competitions.

Due to the vast number of individuals, teams, local schools and local community groups, the upgrades offer a safer court space and a better equipped facility to accommodate the physical activity, sports and recreational needs of a wider range of Hills community members. Safety is a key priority and a new state of the art floor is key to achieving optimum safety, whilst increasing capacity.

The project will be managed by The Centre General Manager and carried out by professional flooring contractor and supplier. Gerflor Australasia Pty Ltd, who are suppliers of international quality futsal, netball and basketball floors. This important and significant upgrade will be finalised by February 2020.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Better quality surface means safer playing environment and better quality of play.
  • More equipped to accommodate for the needs and requirements of the various community groups, teams and individuals.
  • Ability to expand to other sports.

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