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Joint Community Services Bus - for connecting communities.

Kariong Community Centre Inc and Meals on Wheels Central Coast Ltd require a Bus to expand services to the Community.

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Joint Community Services Bus - for connecting communities.

What’s this project about?

KNC OOSH children will be transported to and from school avoiding walking, especially in bad weather. The Bus would be available to the Kariong Community for socialization outings. It would allow extension of services to other geographic area of Sommersby and Peats Ridge. ‍ MOWCC would use the Bus to transport clients to and from their Community Restaurants, for shopping and excursions.

KNC OOSH is licensed for 75 children and is fully booked. Children attend from other geographic areas and a bus would assist in meeting the traveling need. The bus would primarily be used in mornings and afternoons for school times, and be focused on children. ‍ The MOWCC need is for the aged and frail, who rely on transport, mainly in the middle of the day, for outings and socialization.

The bus will be a shared resource between KNC and MOWCC. The purchase of the bus will be made by KNC, who will sign a Service agreement with MOWCC, to allow for their usage during the non-school requirement of the KNC OOSH. ‍ A volunteer driver/s will be recruited and running costs of petrol and maintenance will be shared on the basis of usage.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • There is a genuine need for help, and for two Strong Community Organizations, so the bus will be fully utilized.
  • The clients for KNC (OOSH Children 533 and 138 through the Centre for services per week) and MOWCC, are large.
  • The shared bus will allow both services to expand their activities to clients.

All project information is provided by the applicant. The NSW Government is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.