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Grotto Reserve Interpretive Signs

Provision of interpretive signs to inform the general public of the Reserve's cultural heritage, flora, fauna and geology.

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Grotto Reserve Interpretive Signs

What’s this project about?

The interpretive signs will provide interesting information for all visitors to the reserve, that will enrich their understanding of this beautiful and fascinating area. Visitors will include local residents, schools, and tourists. The signs will provide insight into the natural, social, cultural, heritage and recreational values of The Grotto. Benefits will be enhanced recreation opportunity and increased awareness and understanding which can lead to better protection of values.

The Grotto Reserve is a unique recreation area, that is within easy walking distance from the Nowra CBD, Bomaderry Railway Station. Local residents, who reside along its upper boundary, can only access this area by walking. This project will provide an added incentive for the community to make better use of their Grotto Reserve for bush-walking and recreational activities.

This project is led by the Grotto Bushcare group and managed by sponsor, Shoalhaven City Council. The information on the interpretive signs to be eye-catching and interesting requiring input from various experts including the Nowra Historical Society and members of the Bushcare Group. The signs to be durable but easily replaced at minimal cost in the event of them being damaged. This project is to be completed within 12 months.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • This project will make the Grotto Reserve a more interesting recreation area for visitors and the local community to explore.
  • Awareness and understanding of the area will increase (including school excursions and projects), leading to better protection of reserve values.
  • This project will add to the tourist potential of the Shoalhaven and Nowra area.

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