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CPR friendly and AED ready – saving lives in our community

Changing lives forever by creating a CPR friendly and defibrillator ready community - starting in our own backyard.

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CPR friendly and AED ready – saving lives in our community

What’s this project about?

While 99% of Australians believe CPR is a ‘critical life skill’, only 26% are CPR friendly. This means most Australians don’t know what to do and aren’t confident in a life threatening emergency situation. In Australia, 30,000 people suffer from an out of hospital sudden cardiac arrest each year with 9 out of 10 dying. We can all change lives and the statistics by becoming CPR friendly and defibrillator ready.

The community will be safer with an extra 5,000 CPR friendly locals and 50 live-saving AEDs. The program promotes online resources and provides assistance to host CPR friendly community events with qualified volunteer surf life-saving trainers. At your club, school or workplace, or closer to home with a CPR friendly BBQ or Street Party, the program teaches CPR and supports you in raising funds for your own subsidised AED.

CPRfriendly.org in partnership with Avalon Beach Surf Life Saving Club (2018 NSW & Australian Surf Club of the Year) will run the program from October 2019 to September 2020. ‍ CPRfriendly.org provides: ‍ •Online training resources ‍ •Event logistics, support and administration ‍ •Liaison with community groups & schools ‍ •Marketing, advertising & PR ‍ The surf club/s provides: ‍ •Qualified CPR trainers and equipment ‍ •Community promotion ‍ •Managing the project finances ‍ •Storing and providing access to training materials

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Help save 250 lives in the Northern Beaches by getting 5,000 CPR friendly locals with access to 50 defibrillators.
  • Create CPR friendly, heart smart and defibrillator aware families, neighbourhoods, clubs, schools and workplaces – that will save family and friends.
  • The evidence is clear and the maths is simple: The more CPR friendly people + defibrillators = more lives saved.

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