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Nesbitt Park Re-surfacing

Re-turf the main sporting field with a more durable grass, catering for the growth of community clubs using the park.

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Nesbitt Park Re-surfacing

What’s this project about?

The existing surface of Nesbitt Park is a combination of mixed grasses and weeds. This surface is not able to handle the high use and, over winter, parts of the field are almost bare soil. ‍ Kotara is experiencing an influx of new active families who are increasing the membership of local sporting clubs and schools. Ground improvements are necessary to continue to provide for this growth.

As well as the wider community, the following groups use Nesbitt Park: ‍ - Kotara South Football Club ‍ - Kotara South Senior Football Club ‍ - Kotara South Netball Club ‍ - Kotara South Athletics Club ‍ - Kotara Cricket Club ‍ - Tigers Junior Cricket Club ‍ The park is also used by no less than 4 local schools for athletics carnivals, cross country, and inter-school games. ‍ There has also been a significant growth in women and girls sporting teams.

Kotara Parks Local Committee (KPLC) manage the facilities at Nesbitt Park. The committee is represented by all park user groups and local citizen representatives. The Committee would work with City of Newcastle to coordinate the project. City of Newcastle would manage the project's delivery. ‍ Resurfacing Nesbitt Park has already be identified as a priority project and, subject to funding, the works could be undertaken in Spring 2019.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Nesbitt Park is used by whole community and no less than 6 sporting clubs and 4 schools.
  • Just one of the clubs, Kotara South Football Club, is the 3rd largest club in Newcastle with around 700 players.
  • Nesbitt Park can provide an increasing family population with the benefits of exercise - keeping our bodies and minds healthy.

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