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Community Conversations That Inspire

Engage community members in conversations that mobilise collective strengths of the community to address local issues, creating prosperity for all.

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Community Conversations That Inspire

What’s this project about?

Community Conversations, with cross-sectoral involvement, will enable people to come together both face to face and online, encouraging social and economic participation of the wider community including youth and the elderly and other disadvantaged people. It will help build community capacity to identify local strengths and assets and address issues, such as unemployment, housing affordability and domestic violence locally. Digital Dialogue will help bridge digital divide and also intergenerational gap.

Community members will have access to free training on community organising and leadership, while at the same time Community Conversations will help discover new ways for community leaders and residents including those experiencing social isolation, NGOs, educational and religious institutions and businesses to work together for collective impact. It will strengthen communities and neighbourhoods as citizens learn to work together. It also establishes a platform for further collaboration.

Working closely with stakeholders including local Council, the project will commence within six weeks of signing funding agreement, starting with the training for Community Organisers, Community Champions and others followed by face to face Community Conversations on alternate months. The online presence including community campaign to enable someone to ‘get online’ will be active within the first month with a Facebook page complemented by a website in the subsequent month.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • It is for everyone. Join the Conversation and help drive an initiative that you are passionate about in the community.
  • We love Blacktown - Encourage social engagement and participation of the wider community and help build safer and stronger communities.
  • Be a community organiser, be part of a campaign to enable your grandparents, a neighbour or client to ‘get online’.

All project information is provided by the applicant. The NSW Government is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.