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Creative Lifelong Learning Programs at NRCG

1000Words Arts and Literacy and Boldsparks programs promote creative expression and social inclusion through arts and cultural engagement.

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Creative Lifelong Learning Programs at NRCG

What’s this project about?

Participants’ harness their creative potential, improve literacy, engage in artistic and cultural learning, and enjoy social connection at the gallery.

Ensure all members of our community - youngest to oldest, least mobile or most disadvantaged - have access to vibrant arts and cultural experiences through NRCG’s targeted, subsidised programs. ‍ BOLDSparks builds community, addressing loneliness and lack of purpose among isolated, less mobile and culturally diverse members of our community living in aged care. 1000 Words Arts and Literacy program has increased creative engagement and improved literacy outcomes for over 1,337 school children.

The program will be delivered over a 12-month period after funding is confirmed. 12 monthly Boldsparks workshops for aged care residents and 21 integrated school programs will be delivered by a Public Programs Officer, Northern Rivers Community Gallery management and 6 artists facilitators. Program partners include 21 Northern Rivers School registered, 61 Teachers trained, our contract Education Specialist and the aged care providers.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Support access for all community members to dynamic artistic and cultural experiences and creative opportunity, regardless of age or mobility.
  • Ignite and support young peoples’ creative futures and improve literacy outcomes. Program open to all schools in the Northern Rivers.
  • Foster social connection and brain health through creative activity, reduce loneliness and encourage mental well-being for the elderly.

All project information is provided by the applicant. The NSW Government is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.