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Inclusive & Accessible Seating at Weston Park

Accessible raised viewing and comfort for all abilities visiting Weston Park to watch/participate in sporting/community events providing maximum independence & dignity.

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Inclusive & Accessible Seating at Weston Park

What’s this project about?

This project will provide greater opportunities & safety for individuals, families & community organisations to attend, participate or conduct events which are inclusive and accessible. Benefits include: ‍ - Improved wheelchair, mobility-impaired & pram/stroller access; ‍ - Improved safety through removal of vehicles from field perimeter; ‍ - Provides a safe space for spectators to watch & children to play; ‍ - Enhances the facilities capacity to attract larger & more diverse sporting & community events; and ‍ - Provides the community with a premium asset.

Outside major population centres there are few community/sporting facilities which cater for all abilities in relation to access and viewing. ‍ This project will allow everyone who attends Weston Park the opportunity to freely sit in a chosen spot with family and friends to watch. ‍ A new raised spectating area also removes vehicle parking in this part of the facility, greatly reducing the risk of any incidents between vehicles and spectators.

As the project sponsor, Council have confirmed they will carry overall responsibility for on-time delivery and financial control for the project with myself being consulted as a key stakeholder. As Development Approval is not required for the works, it is anticipated works will commence within 3 months of the announcement and will be comfortably completed within a 12 month period. Qualified contractors will be completing the works.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Accessible, raised, seating at Weston Park delivers inclusiveness to anyone, of any ability, providing an uninterrupted view of all proceedings.
  • This project increases spectator safety by providing a structural barrier between pedestrians and vehicles, in a space both currently share.
  • With more seating spaces, the facility will have the ability to attract/host many more high-profile sporting and community events.

All project information is provided by the applicant. The NSW Government is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.