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Greatfulness & Rotary (North Sydney) - youth mental health

The project will deliver a 6-week wellbeing program to 500, stage 3 students in the North Sydney area.

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Greatfulness & Rotary (North Sydney) - youth mental health

What’s this project about?

The program will provide students with proactive strategies and tools to manage stress, worry & anxiety. It will help them build their confidence in preparation for high school and teach them how to lead from within. The project will help to make mental health an everyday conversation and teach young people how to bounce back from challenges. The major benefit is that young people will be taught how to flourish.

‘When schools flourish, all flourishes’ Martin Luther King. If young people are taught how to flourish, they are more likely to contribute to their community in a positive way and give back. The Greatfulness program has already had a very positive impact in school communities within Sydney and for families. ‘Thank you Jacqui, lots of practical tools to create a happy household. I really appreciate how practical Greatfulness is’ (parent).

The program will be delivered to 500 students within local primary schools, with a particular focus on public schools. It will be delivered by Founder, Jacqueline Jones and supported by Rotary, North Sydney. This format has already been piloted with other Rotary clubs and has worked extremely well. The project will be evaluated and assessed accordingly and will be delivered within 12 months.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • We will INSPIRE YOUTH & help them to flourish. Ultimately, we will have a positive impact on youth mental health.
  • We will HELP SCHOOLS make mental health an everyday conversation and build a culture of wellbeing for all.
  • We want to build a STRONG COMMUNITY by empowering youth to better understand themselves & others and to develop positive relationships.

All project information is provided by the applicant. The NSW Government is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.