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Froma Lane Street Art Gallery

This project will beautify a laneway thoroughfare in Katoomba by featuring the work of local, contemporary female street artists.

Froma Lane Street Art Gallery

What’s this project about?

Froma Lane Street Art Gallery continues the legacy of Katoomba's Street Art Walk, a dynamic, community-driven open air art gallery in the heart of the city. This project has multiple benefits including contributing to the beautification of Katoomba's urban aesthetics, fostering creative economies and increasing opportunities for young female artists working in the field of urban and street art.

Alongside supporting local artists, local schools will have the opportunity to be involved in this project, offering a dedicated space to share ideas and plan a collaborative artwork. Froma Lane will become a vibrant, artistic thoroughfare, welcoming the public to the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre and championing Katoomba as one of the prominent creative hubs of Western Sydney.

The project will be managed by the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre and funding will be used to commission a number of artists and community groups to create artworks along the laneway in July/August 2020. There will also be an official opening of the Froma Lane Street Art Gallery, complete with music, performances, food and live art demonstrations. The opening aims to inspire satellite events in other Katoomba laneways.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Froma Lane Street Art Gallery will beautify the urban landscape and champion Katoomba as a cultural hub of Western Sydney.
  • This project will support local female artists and invite them to engage with their community in new and meaningful ways.
  • A community launch event including music, performance and food will celebrate the new gallery and the achievements of creative women.

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