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The Rumpus Room - A Creativity Classroom

A vibrant workshop space for makers, artists and community to access a practical venue to create, learn and exchange skills.

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The Rumpus Room - A Creativity Classroom

What’s this project about?

The Rumpus Room will be a home for the creative, sustainable and DIY classes that comprise the skill share program of Rumpus and also a gathering place for hire, full of natural light, equipment, tools and character. Set up as a space of learning, sharing and making, this community venue caters for workshops, artists intensives, skill sharing sessions, messy art, talks, dance rehearsals, gardening workshops, cooking classes, exhibitions and project library.

Rumpus has been an important part of the community for 6 years and The Rumpus Room will be somewhere to house our workshops and programs. It's also a place where residents can have a go at teaching, participate as learners, take time out to make, be messy, host a talk, call a gathering, create in a space with minimal check-list requirements and no judgement. A space where adults can play.

Rumpus is a non-profit social enterprise and Certified B Corp delivering skill-sharing programs, events, retreats and community development projects in Wollongong for 6 years. The team is highly experienced in programming, project management, and purpose-driven community development. Establishing The Rumpus Room will include a 6 month fit-out and launch, followed by 6 months of programming to get it on its feet. The Rumpus Room will be self-sustainable after 12 months.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • This will fill a much-needed gap for our community in having an open, accessible, affordable space.
  • This project will enable residents to make connections with each other, find new friends, start new projects and build new skills.
  • After 6 years, this will provide a much-needed home for Rumpus, enabling more regular, free and low-cost programs for residents.

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