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Visit Camden

This Camden region tourism app would increase opportunities for participation in arts, cultural and tourism activities in the Camden region.

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Visit Camden

What’s this project about?

The benefits include: ‍ 1. Increased employment and business opportunities for residents ‍ 2. Increased knowledge of tourism sites and events in the Camden region ‍ 3. Increased educational opportunities for primary and high school children ‍ 4. Increased awareness of, and visitation to, local heritage, tourism, arts, and cultural sites ‍ 5. Increased promotion of, and participation in, arts and cultural events ‍ 6. Social and online engagement and interaction

1. Access to information in an innovative, interactive, responsive and modern format ‍ 2. Facilitating learning opportunities for students and visitors about the history of the area ‍ 3. Stimulate the local economy and the provision of increased job and business opportunities ‍ 4. Assist residents and visitors to navigate their way around the region using this free to download app

We will look to engage a local app development company (The Mobile Apps Man) to create the Augmented Reality experience. An advisory committee led by Camden Region Economic Taskforce will be formed comprising representatives from Camden Council, Camden Historical Society and other key stakeholders to guide the development of this free to download app. Upon securing funding, the app will be developed and will go-live by September 2020.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • This free app will assist residents and visitors to better access local arts, cultural, heritage, tourism sites and events.
  • Increase educational opportunities for students, residents and visitors to learn about the history of the Camden region.
  • Increase business and employment opportunities for the local community.

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