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My Community Project

Successful projects have been announced

The NSW Government is investing a total of $24.7 million in projects that will help improve the wellbeing of people and communities across NSW.

The program received a great response with 61,437 people voting for their favourite projects. Congratulations to the 248 projects who received support from their community to be funded.

My Community Project has been made possible by the NSW Generations Fund. The fund helps keep the state’s debt at a sustainable level, while sharing the benefits of its returns with the people of NSW by funding community projects.

To view projects, select your electorate from the dropdown menu or search using your address, suburb or postcode.

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Want more information on how the vote was conducted? Click here

How Votes Were Calculated

My Community Project uses a preferential voting system. This vote counting system gives points for each preference. Voters were asked to choose between 3 and 5 projects in order of preference. Points were awarded as shown below.

  1. 1st PreferenceAllocated 10 Points
  2. 2nd PreferenceAllocated 5 Points
  3. 3rd PreferenceAllocated 3 Points
  4. 4th PreferenceAllocated 2 Points
  5. 5th PreferenceAllocated 1 Point